March 16, 2012


T.I. Confirms Taylor Swift Is On B.o.B's Album

Fuse’s Esteban Serrano sat down with T.I. and B.o.B at SXSW yesterday and got exclusive confirmation that Taylor Swift will be featured on B.o.B’s May 1 release Strange Clouds

Although the “Airplanes” rapper initially said he couldn’t comment, T.I.—who signed him to his Grand Hustle label—admitted the rumors were true. “Taylor’s extended Hustle game, she a part of the crew,” T.I. said.

B.o.B explained that Taylor—who joined him onstage last October in Dallas—actually approached them first.

“She came to Atlanta and she hit up Grand Hustle,” B.o.B said. “I wasn’t there, T.I. was, but I eventually linked with her in Dallas and the rest is history.”

T.I. also explained why he signed the North Carolina MC in the first place. “He has a very cool UFO he let me ride in. He said if I signed him he would let me ride passenger side with no seatbelt.” Makes sense to us. 

What do you think about Taylor Swift featured on B.o.B’s new album? Are you excited or does the thought of the perpetually-surprised country cutie on a hip hop album make you nervous?