March 2, 2012


T. Mills Gets Inside the Lyrics of "F--- Em (With My Vans On)"

“I don’t treat ’em, I don’t love ’em / I f--- ‘em with my Vans on.” So says 22-year-old rapper T. Mills on his lyrically challenging single about keeping shoes on during coitus, entitled, “F--- ’Em (With My Shoes On)."

Fuse’s Elaine Moran spoke with T. Mills to help us parse the lyrics of his thematically complex song.

“I wanted to write something that stood the test of time and was groundbreaking lyrically,” T. Mills explained to Elaine during their scholarly discussion. Most importantly, he wanted to address a theme that has characterized his search for truth in the universe: “The philosophy behind having sex with your shoes on.”

“I feel it represents my inner being and the core of my soul,” says T. Mills. But his song isn't mere academic navel-gazing—he also believes others could be inspired by his words. 

“I feel people gravitate toward it, because who doesn’t have sex with their shoes on?” T. Mills, you truly are a king among men.  

Elaine also spoke to Prof. Mills about the potential dangers of swag, his DIY first show at Warped Tour and how he stretched his earlobes out to fit those gigantic plugs. 

You can watch his tongue-in-cheek dissection of his lyrics above, and the comparatively normal interview below.