March 9, 2012


The Temper Trap Talk New Album, Working With Beck's Producer

Australian indie rock group The Temper Trap may have been 7,500 miles from home when they decamped to Hollywood's Sound Factory to put the finishing touches on their upcoming eponymous album, but according to the group, working with producer Tony Hoffer (Beck, M83) more than made up for the jetlag.

"He's really left his stamp on it," said lead singer Dougy Mandigi. "Definitely a tone and a signature sound that connects all the songs together and he's responsible for that."

The band took around 10 months to write the follow-up to their 2009 debut album Conditions, and hope to build on, but not merely repeat, the panoramic sound of their debut. "It's a step forward from what we were doing on Conditions," said drummer Toby Dundas. "The skeleton that that album has still comes through, but we've dressed it up quite differently in a lot of ways."

How differently? Check out the video above for all the details and get a taste with their latest "Rabbit Hole."