March 3, 2012


Anthony Kiedis' Strange "Times" Interview

Dave M. Benett
Dave M. Benett

Socks on c**ks has finally reached The Grey Lady. 

The New York Times' weekend interview is usually populated with political figures and influential, highbrow individuals like Arianna Huffington and Tony Blair. But this week, writer Andrew Goldman spoke to Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis on his group, his family and how reaching middle age—he turned 49 last November—doesn't have to mean growing up. The whole thing's worth a read, but here are my favorite moments:

He lost his virginity to his dad's 11: His dad's abusive upbringing was the catalyst for Kiedis' own, uh, liberal lifestyle growing up.

He's okay with being single at 49: Kiedis said his love for his 4-year-old, awesomely named, son Everly Bear is so strong, he's okay with not having a "lifelong partner."

His thoughts on Whitney Houston: "People always want to blame somebody else when it comes to addiction. It’s like when Whitney Houston died, everyone was like, 'If she had never met Bobby Brown, she wouldn’t have that problem.' I disagree. I think people either have that in them or they don’t."

He has a fireplace in the shape of a naked woman: After getting paid for the first time, Kiedis noted, "I can make anything I want!" An older, wiser Kiedis can laugh about it now.

He still plays "Toilet Tag.": "It’s like tag, but if you get caught, you have to put your arm up, and someone can free you by flushing your arm."

Don't ever change, Anthony.