March 18, 2012


The-Dream's Intentionally Unfinished Album

The-Dream's hotly-anticipated upcoming fourth album still isn't ready, but that's the way the R&B singer wants it.

"The record isn't actually complete yet, because I'm leaving myself open, at least 5 percent open, for a new single that may make its way to my album," The-Dream told Fuse at SXSW. "But most of it is done: If it had to come out today it would be fine… I'm just tweaking it a little bit more."

He also explained how Kid 'n Play's cult classic film influenced the music video for "Roc," the first single from Love IV MMXII.

"My video for 'Roc' was inspired by House Party, the movie. I just wanted to make sure I was doing something that felt real," The-Dream said. "What I did was, I didn't play my single at all—we were just dancing to the DJ, the records that are hot right now. Some old school records, some Michael and Prince thrown in there, but we were just having a good time."

"Most things that happen at a new video shoot is, nobody really knows the record because it just came out. And I didn't want people to take time to figure out how to feel good."

That's a pretty down to earth perspective, Mr. -Dream. You can watch the whole video above.