March 23, 2012


5 Most Shocking Revelations of Game's "Behind the Music"

Louise Wilson
Louise Wilson

Have you ever wondered why Game, the rapper formerly known as The Game, is the wild man that he is on record and in interviews? From his near-deadly split with G-Unit to his growling rhymes, Game's life and style were given a thorough exploration on last night's Behind the Music. Here are the five most interesting facts I learned from watching the show.

5. Game knows who shot and almost killed him before his rap career began, but won't cooperate with police on the investigation. Game said, "God bless him. He turned me into a rapper."

4. Game's unbelievably sad admission that, "I got so many dead friends it's ridiculous."

3. Game's father raped his 11-year-old sister, while on PCP, as a 7-year-old Game looked on.

2. After 50 Cent made an on-air announcement on the radio that Game was no longer in the G-Unit crew (which must have come as a surprise to Game), Game and his crew drove down to the radio station for what he termed "a good, old-fashioned shootout." One of Game's crew was shot.

1. Game describes the moment in which he began turning into a rap superstar: "A guy named Mike Lynn came over to my street in a Benz. It was dope. He took me to meet [Dr.] Dre. I had just finished making crack, my shirt was stained, I had cocaine in my fingernails." Amazing.

Watch the entire show here.