March 27, 2012


Biggie's Crew Speaks: 5 Surprising Revelations

David Corio/Redferns
David Corio/Redferns

You may think you know everything there is to know about The Notorious B.I.G., but Lil Cease and Banger (of Junior M.A.F.I.A.) sat down with XXL Magazine to reveal the truth behind some of Biggie's Life After Death lyrics. Here are the five facts I found most interesting:

5. Biggie loved movies, and the last one he saw was Donnie Brasco
"The last movie he saw was Donnie Brasco. We watched that, went to the studio after and did the 'Benjamins' remix. We went to see that movie in Cali, he got killed a couple days after."

4. Juelz Santana lives in the New Jersey pad where Biggie used to live
"[Biggie] used to have the elevator go up to his room. It went to the first floor where his kitchen and living room was at and up straight to his room. Where Juelz [Santana] stay at now, we used to stay there."

3. Biggie rapped about cars but he didn't know how to drive
"B.I.G. used to talk about all the cars, but n***a didn’t even know how to drive. He wouldn’t dare get in the driver seat. " 

2. Biggie talked to his mom on the phone every day
"He used to talk to his moms every day on the phone, on some best friends type s**t."

1. Biggie's mink coat was called the "Stink Mink" because he vomited on it
"B.I.G. used to rock this black, long ass mink and one day, [while drinking against Dame] he just threw up on his s**t. That’s when Dame called B.I.G.’s s**t the 'Stink Mink.' Every time we bumped into him he would always ask B.I.G., 'You got your stink mink on?'"

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