March 8, 2012


They Might Be Giants: Hazing Victims of the B-52's

With 25 years of touring behind them, They Might Be Giants are alt-rock elder statesmen at this point. The uncompromisingly quirky duo stopped by Fuse’s studio to share stories from being hazed by the B-52’s to begging for a couch to sleep on in the early days. You can watch that interview above.

You might be surprised to learn that in spite of their sly sense of humor, They Might Be Giants are not that into pranks, but they were hazed by the B-52’s.

“They greased the handles of all our vans,” John Flansburgh said. “If you’re on tour with somebody for two months and you have some hazing where it’s like, ‘Welcome aboard our crazy pirate ship,' that would be one thing. But we did one show with them and as we were leaving our van was covered in grease.”

John Linnell talked about the band’s early days when they couldn’t afford hotels and had to beg for lodging each night. 

“It’s amazing to think about now, but we would solicit couches and rugs to sleep on at the end of the night. The audience didn’t know who we were so we’d wait until the end of the show, when we felt like there was some more goodwill. But even then it was a grab bag.”

TMBG also told us the stories behind to some of the songs on their latest album, Join Us. You can watch that here: