March 21, 2012


Top Music Tech Executives Discuss Future of Music at SXSW

Last week's South by Southwest festival brought 2,000 bands to Texas, but it also featured the top executives in music and technology discussing the future of music and how various tech companies can be involved. Fuse brought together the top names from SoundTracking,, Pandora and Tastemaker X for our "Music and Interactive: The Way It Should Be" panel, featuring Fuse SVP Digital & Marketing Joe Marchese and moderated by Billboard Editorial Director Bill Werde.

The panel discussed a wide-ranging series of issues. How is technology changing the way people think about music? Where's the one-stop app built just for the concertgoing experience? Where do brands fit in with music? Check out the video above for all the details.

We've also got individual clips below with each of the panel members, including SoundTracking CEO Steve Jang, Chairman Seth Goldstein, Pandora CTO Tom Conrad and Tastemaker X CEO Marc Ruxin. Jang described how the mobile app lets music act as a mnemonic device for select moments of your life, while Goldstein discussed establishing licenses from the four major labels, allowing the program to expand past its U.S. roots. 

Conrad went into why Pandora is the future of radio and making "the best playlists in the world," while Ruxin explained how Tastemaker X has become the fantasy sports league for music. "I was always the guy at the record store looking for the next best thing and telling someone about it," said Ruxin. "This is a game most music fans have been playing most of their lives."

Watch all the clips in full below.