March 13, 2012


Travis Barker Got Tattoos All Over His Head

Noel Vasquez
Noel Vasquez

Yelawolf had it yesterday, Travis Barker has it today: tattoos on the head! Barker got the Transplants logo, which you can see here, tattooed on his head. He also got the word "BARKER," which you can see here (in case someone doesn't recognize him?) and the words "Family First," which you can see here, tattooed up there too.

We think think Travis Barker is one of the roughly five coolest dudes on the planet, so he can get tattoos all over his head and not have to listen to people who think head tattoos aren't a good idea, which is what may be going through your mind right now.

The tats were done by Mister Cartoon, a famous Los Angeles tattoo and graffiti artist who has tattooed just about a bazillion celebrities, from Eminem to Beyonce to Justin Timberlake.

Next up: Travis Barker's face.