March 29, 2012


Trent Reznor Cracks Joke About Skrillex's Hairdo

On Wednesday video footage of Nine Inch Nails performing "Down In It" on late-1980s/early-'90s TV program Dance Party USA made the rounds online, and it was a totally enjoyable trip back in time: A leather jacket-clad Trent Reznor and Co. thrashed and bashed through the industrial rocker, while prepsters in Gap sweaters shimmied in the crowd. Watch below.

The best/funniest part, though, was Reznor's hairdo. His long, jet-black hair was shaved on both sides, and pulled back and tied with a ... wait for it ... scrunchie! When Reznor discovered the footage online, he took to Twitter to respond and even crack a joke about Skrillex, whose hairdo is uncannily similar to Reznor circa 1990. Reznor wrote, "Skrillex may indeed owe me some publishing on that hairdo." Hilarious! Skrillex then responded with a few words of his own. Check out both the tweets below. 

So. Are the seeds planted for a new collabo from Reznor and Skrillex, who, in his own little way, is very much like the Reznor of the Millennial Generation? Let's hope so. A Reznor-Skrillex collabo could be perhaps the greatest thing to happen in 2012.

Come to think of it, Skrillex may indeed owe me some publishing on that hairdo...
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@trent_reznor would that mean NIN pub or just exotic birds?
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