March 16, 2012


Wale Thinks Chris Brown Is Reincarnated

Fuse’s Allison Hagendorf caught up with D.C. rapper Wale yesterday at SXSW. We asked him about working with Chris Brown, and Wale offered up a very metaphysical explanation of Brown’s boundless talents. Basically, he thinks Breezy is reincarnated.

“He’s one of those kind of spirits, you feel like he’s been here before, he’s very knowledgeable, he does so much in one day it’s incredible,” says Wale. “He can play basketball, he sings, he can rap, he can dance, he can do flips, he can direct. He’s got a lot going for himself.”

As for his own music, Wale shared what inspires him to write, and it’s a list that surprisingly includes a lot ’90s TV comedies.

“I could be watching Seinfeld, I could be watching In Living Color, I could be in the club, I could be wasted, I could be at SXSW, all of it [inspires me],” Wale told us.

Watch the interview above and tell us what you think about Chris Brown and reincarnation. Has Breezy been here before, and if so, who was he? Duke Ellington? Johannes Brahms?