March 27, 2012


Watch Civil Twilight Perform 3 New Songs

You've undoubtedly heard a Civil Twilight song on TV before—One Tree Hill, House and even that Terminator TV show have picked up their impeccably-crafted alt-rock tunes—and you probably swooned to the Cape Town outfit’s impassioned delivery on standouts like “Letters from the Sky” and “Quiet In My Town.”

With their second album just out and a fourth member (Kevin Dailey) recently added to their lineup, Civil Twilight sat down with Fuse’s Allison Hagendorf to talk about recording their second album Holy Weather and mistaking their lead vocalist for a girl’s voice on House.

“I remember the first time we heard our song [on TV], it was a song called 'Human' on House,” says Steven McKellar. “It was after the Super Bowl and we all sat down to watch it. My first thought was, ‘Gosh, that girl’s got a beautiful voice,’ and then I realized it was me singing it on the TV.”

“We don’t actually watch TV,” the younger McKellar brother in Civil Twilight says. “So a lot of these shows we’re on I’ve never seen, and I’m just trusting that it’s good and it fits.”

Civil Twilight also revealed that they loved the additional pressure that came with recording Holy Weather.

“This record was different [from the debut] because we were on the road and didn’t have time to jam for hours and hours, and we [still] had to come up with an album.”

“I felt pressure but I love pressure, I love working under those situations,” Steven says. “Usually that’s where the most amazing stuff comes out of, if you’re ready for it.”

For a taste of that “amazing stuff,” check out the three songs Civil Twilight performed from the Fuse studio—and if you dig it, buy the album over at iTunes.

Civil Twilight - "Fire Escape"

Civil Twilight - "It's Over"

Civil Twilight - "River"