March 16, 2012


When Neon Trees Met Social Distortion

Fuse caught up with breakthrough alt-rock band Neon Trees at SXSW and they told us a really endearing story about meeting Cali punk heroes Social Distortion. 

"We shared the stage with Social Distortion and after our set Mike Ness’ manager comes and knocks on our trailer and says, 'Mike is wondering if he could meet you guys,'" recounted bassist Branden Campbell. "And we’re like, 'He’s Mike Ness, he can do whatever he wants. Of course.'"

"I grew up in Southern California and they were icons to me as a teenager," says frontman Tyler Glenn. "So to have that guy want to meet us was incredible. And he was so cas[ual] and chill and wanted a picture. It was nuts." 

I love hearing about bands meeting the musicians they were inspired by growing up. Always nice to remember that even hit artists started out as reverential fans.