March 6, 2012


Up and Coming Rapper Yelawolf Hospitalized In Wisconsin

Chelsea Lauren
Chelsea Lauren

Thirty-two-year-old rapper Yelawolf was hospitalized following a performance in Madison, WI, on Friday night. His tour promoter Live Nation announced that Yelawolf "remains under observation for illness" after it became clear his hospital detour would force him to cancel his following show in Detroit.

This is the first bit of bad luck for the Alabama MC in some time. Ever since Eminem personally invited him to join Shady Records last year, his profile and fan base have been steadily increasing.

In a review of Yela's Friday night concert, the local Onion A.V. Club did note that his audience included "a few sneakerhead douchebags peppered throughout the crowd who seemed hellbent on assassinating the rapper with empty water bottles." That probably doesn't explain his hospital stay, but it seems worth mentioning. If only to repeat the phrase "sneakerhead douchebags."

Here's hoping for Yelawolf's speedy recovery.