March 5, 2012


You Need to Know: Enigmatic Troubadour Cass McCombs

Paul Valencia, P.I.
Paul Valencia, P.I.

The first time I heard “I Went to the Hospital,” the best track from Cass McCombs’ 2003 album A, I was hooked. Actually, I was addicted (the first step, they tell me, is admittance). I listened to it over and over and over, and then posted it to Facebook and Twitter, over and over. I devoured the rest of his catalogue, and early awaited new releases and live concerts from the enigmatic singer-songwriter.

2011 was a lucky year for McCombs fans—he gave us two full-length albums, Wit’s End and Humor Risk, both stripped down emotional atom bombs. One of the best tracks from Humor Risk is “Robin Egg Blue,” a gentle ‘70s AM folk ballad (think America). Today it gets a new music video that’s essentially a collection of short video clips shot during a vacation in an unidentified tropical paradise. Also: an exploding computer!

Watch the video below (via Stereogum), and then check out my two favorite tracks, “I Went to the Hospital” and “County Line,” from Wit’s End. Then be thankful that McCombs dropped a new music video and gave me an excuse to tell you about him.