March 5, 2012


You Should Go: Best Musical Headache You'll Ever Have

Aylin Gungor
Aylin Gungor

Don’t go see Black Dice if you have a headache. They will only make it worse. 

That being said, if you have a taste for hypnotic experimental electronica, you gotta check out Black Dice on their upcoming tour. I’ve always enjoyed and respected their albums, but when I saw the Brooklyn trio in concert, I was knocked out by them. It was revelatory experience.

If you do go, prepare to spend a few hours enveloped in a darkness that’s penetrated by two things only: Admittedly vicious strobe lights and thumping loops of glitchy noise.

Invariably, your brain will end up clobbered into hazy submission by their world of sound. At one point during my first Black Dice show, I was aware of little more than the fact that I could feel the tips of my eyelashes vibrating.

So if that sort of out of body live musical experience piques your interest, I’d highly recommend seeing Black Dice on their current tour. It starts April 7 in New York and you can check out the nationwide dates here. And to get you in the Black Dice mood, take a listen to their latest track below. It’s called “Pinball Wizard” but it has nothing to do with the Who or Elton John.