April 10, 2012


Top 5 Tweets: "Cocky" Evan Dando Wins General Motors Lawsuit

Roger Kisby
Roger Kisby

5. How much does Mac Miller miss his grandma?

4. Superstar DJ Diplo taking on the issues of the day:

Price of gas is sucking yes... But lets not forget the travesty of big boxes of gum with only 6 pieces!?! http://t.co/WEFpoCIl
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3. Rapper Game (formerly known as The Game) decides that you shouldn't marry a woman who can't make turkey tacos. Leaner, less fat than ground beef:

If she can't make turkey tacos she not #WifeyMaterial
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2. Jordin Sparks keeps fans in the know:

1. Evan Dando, lead singer of alt-rock outfit The Lemonheads, won his lawsuit against General Motors for copying his song and not giving him credit, and he's psyched about it:

Very cocky from winning my lawsuit against GM and can't quit smoking ... Look out Joni Mitchell !
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