April 11, 2012


Justin Bieber Impersonator/Child Molester Arrested in Toronto

Toronto Police Handout
Toronto Police Handout

Chilling news is coming out of the Bieberverse: according to the Toronto Sun, a 34-year-old Toronto man named Lee Moir has been charged with "luring a child under 16, invitation to sexual touching, the making of child pornography, possession of child porn, extortion, and attempting to expose himself to a minor." He lured his victim over the internet by pretending to be Justin Bieber.

Allegedly, Moir contacted a girl via Facebook, pretending to be Justin Bieber, and threatened the girl into performing sexual acts for him on her webcam. When the girl stopped contacting Moir, he told her he was going to post the videos of her on a porn site. It's unclear if he ever did.

Moir used the names "Lee Oneel," "Justy.Beber1," and "Yodayoda001" on Facebook, and he's believed to have had contact with several other children.

Is this the most f***ed up thing you've read so far today or what?