April 25, 2012


ASAP Rocky: The Real Story Behind the SXSW Brawl

When Fuse's Esteban Serrano talked to A$AP Rocky right before one of his Coachella performances, they had a lot to catch up on—the last time Esteban spoke with A$AP was at SXSW, not long before his Vice party performance descended into a fight.

A$AP set the record straight on the SXSW concert that was the talk of the blogosphere the next day, which he laughs off. "It was crazy, somebody started throwing cans and next thing I knew we jumped into the crowd to start moshing with them," A$AP says, smiling. "Then they started spreading rumors that we f**ked people up. That was it. You heard it first. That's what happened." But if you believe that, you might want to check out his smile at 3:07.

The 23-year-old MC also revealed how his just-dropped track "Goldie"—produced by Hit-Boy, the mastermind behind Kanye & Jay-Z's "N***as In Paris"—happened by a fortunate coincidence.

"I don't know if he had me in mind," A$AP says. "I think he was going to give it to somebody else—somebody bigger—but then he gave it to me and I killed it."

Watch the full interview above, and head here to see our SXSW interview where A$AP says some of this year's XXL Freshman are "corny as f**k."