April 12, 2012


Psychedelic Metal Band Baroness Unveil New Album

Photo Credit: Speakeasy PR
Photo Credit: Speakeasy PR

A few years back, not long after the release of their 2009 second album Blue Record, I witnessed Savannah, GA, quartet Baroness straight destroy numerous other top-notch bands (including High on Fire) at a metal showcase in Austin, TX, during SXSW. No other band on the bill could hold a lighter to these dudes' prog-inspired heavy metal epics. I was hooked. And that's saying something, because I don't even really like metal.

So, it brings me pleasure to tell y'all that Baroness will return July 17 with their third record, Yellow & Green (which is awful colorful for dudes who own a lot of black t-shirts). There's more good news: It's a double album. Hell yeah. 

For the new album Baroness worked again with John Congleton (Explosions in the Sky, St. Vincent, Xiu Xiu), who also worked on Blue Record. After whirlwind tours and festival gigs, Baroness took all of 2011 off to write and record.

"We had been on tour for eight years, and we decided to take a break from our adventure to dig our heels in at home and write a new record," said frontman John Baizley. "We spent the entirety of the past year dedicating ourselves to the new album. Without the break from touring and the time we took to rest and reflect, we would have been entirely unable to write this new record..  We have become re-inspired.  Now it's time to get back out on the road."

Damn good news. Because, for reals, these dudes SLAY SLAY SLAY live. Do yourself a favor and see 'em soon—check out their complete tour dates right here. And watch footage of the band playing Blue Record gems "Isak" and "A Horse Called Golgotha" below.

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