April 5, 2012


Beyonce Reveals Intimate Jay-Z Pics Online

Photo Credit: Beyoncé
Photo Credit: Beyoncé

Want to see hundreds of pictures of Beyonce covering four years of intimate moments with her husband, Jay-Z? Of course you do, you creep!

At 9:58 ET Thursday morning, Beyonce typed out her first tweet, unveiled a new version of her official website and took the password off her Tumblr to unveil a massive trove of extremely personal photos and videos covering the four years of Beyonce's time with Jay-Z. There are also some random odds and ends in there, like a video of her playing Connect Four on a plane.

The singer's new site also contains behind-the-scenes photos from video shoots, plus a place for her fans to congregate, called "The Beyhive." There's also news updates and new music posts, tour dates and an "Inspirations" section. Have fun spending all day sifting through it!

So what could have motivated this enormous act of fan outreach, especially with no album in sight? A recent New Yorker article on Rihanna might point us toward the answer.

"The artist who best embodies the music and the style of the new Top Forty is Rihanna, the Barbados-born pop singer. At 24, she is the queen of urban pop, and the consummate artist of the digital age, in which quantity is more important than quality and personality trumps song craft."

So is Beyonce hitting Tumblr and Twitter a sign of her being worried about her relevance to the pop and R&B worlds? Is Rihanna stealing her thunder in the digital age? I wonder if I'm just imagining this.

Anyway, is Beyonce's Tumblr the best thing on the Internet? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!