April 25, 2012


Blogger Posts List of "Plump" Female Musicians He'd Sleep With -- Insulting?


The Internet is a great venue for venting your righteous indignation, and today the Broward/Palm Beach New Times provides the perfect punching bag with an article entitled "Eight Pleasantly Plump Female Musicians We'd Like to Get Down With."

Ric Delgado, a pop culture/music blogger for the New Times, posted a list of female musicians that he considers plump that he'd like to sleep with. He also posted some descriptive blurbs. Adele's blurb, for instance, reads, "Talent and kankles aside, Adele sits comfortably on that 'just almost not ashamed to be seen out in public with her' line." Horrible, right? Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera, Beth Ditto (above) and Aretha Franklin are included, among others. Check out the rest of the blurbs here.

The article was taken down by the editor of the newspaper with the following note: "Sarcasm doesn't always come across in writing, and it certainly didn't in this post. I get why commenters below called this 'the most insulting thing on the Internet,' and that's why it has been removed. New Times regrets the offense we've caused and hopes you'll stick with us in our next attempt at sarcasm."

Dude, this wasn't sarcasm. It was just offensive. Let us know what you think in the comments!