April 12, 2012


Bruce Springsteen's Passover Haggadah Inducted into Jewish Heritage Museum

Kevin Mazur
Kevin Mazur

Last Friday, April 6, Bruce Springsteen and God made a deal, so God would be okay with him playing a concert on Passover. How'd the Boss appease the higher powers? He threw a special Passover Seder at his Madison Square Garden show! Now, according to The New York Times, the Haggadah they used will be placed in the Museum of Jewish Heritage.

A Haggadah is basically a guide to how conduct a Seder, a traditional Jewish meal eaten on Passover. Springsteen's Haggadah was called the "Rock-n Roll Haggadah," and it was a traditional Haggadah except that it contained a picture of Bruce Springsteen in front of a pyramid on the cover, lyrics to a song called "Matzo Ball" (sung to the tune of Springsteen's "Wrecking Ball) and the phrase, "This year at the Garden, next year in Jerusalem."

Abby R. Spilka, the associate director of the Museum of Jewish Heritage, read about the "Rock-n Roll Haggadah" and requested a copy for the museum. She told The Times, "We collect artifacts of contemporary Jewish life. There’s a threshold question of: Would we regret not having this?"

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