April 10, 2012


Post-Punk Quartet Cloud Nothings Joyfully Punish Us in 3-Song Set

Cleveland's Cloud Nothings have evolved from Dylan Baldi's solo lo-fi project into a fast, raw and loud rock band with their latest album Attack on Memory. Prior to treating us to a raucous three-song performance at Fuse's studio, we asked the band about working with producer Steve Albini and ostracizing certain fans with their new punkier sound.

"There were some people that we alienated making the new record that we made," member TJ Duke said as he tuned his bass guitar. "Some people, when they really like your music, they expect you to keep making that kind of music. That's not our intention, I think we're going to make what we want to make."

As for working with legendary producer Steve Albini, frontman Baldi said his proficiency as a producer sped along their recording process. "He mostly just knew exactly what we were doing," said Baldi. "He didn't take any time to figure it out, so it was more efficient working with him than it would have been doing it on our own."

Watch the video above for the rest of the interview and check out three live Cloud Nothings performances below.

Cloud Nothings, "Fall In" 

Cloud Nothings, "Stay Useless"

Cloud Nothings, "Wasted Days"