April 2, 2012


Is Every Character a Drug Reference in David Lynch's NSFW Video?

It'll be the least shocking news you read all day: David Lynch's NSFW video (drugs! boobs!) for "Crazy Clown Time," the title track from the director's 2011 album, is weird. More a mini-movie than music video, Lynch brings his trademark eccentricity to the avant-garde song, painting a picture of a L.A. backyard as the party is winding down (but far from over). My (potentially ridiculously offbase) interpretation: Each character represents a different drug consumed at the party. To wit:  

Alcohol: The video opens with a juiced-up meathead pounding his fists on a table in a tribal rhythm, resembling the beer muscles you get after one too many Heinekens. Strike that. Pabst Blue Ribbon. Later on, he’ll chug two beers at once, something completely unnecessary given that it’s presumably after 4 a.m. and everyone’s beyond wasted already. 

Coke: There is a man in a white shirt repeatedly jumping up and down, screaming his head off and spitting vast quantities of beer. He has obviously done way too much coke and has been given a beer to calm down, but it’s just not working.

Ecstasy: As Lynch sings “Suzie, she ripped her shirt off,” a girl undresses and begins to writhe on the ground, semi-naked, oblivious to the people and stares around her. This may be a trick question, though, as this could be X mixed with a hallucinogen. But I'll play it safe.

‘Shrooms: Why is there a character wearing a football jersey, shoulder pads and helmet lighting up a grill while watching a mohawked man light his hair on fire? He is clearly the ‘shrooms character, seeing s**t that’s not there but convinced that it’s real. He will be seen later running in place, because that’s just what people on ‘shrooms do. 

Weed: There are two characters lying on the ground head-to-head—one a male with ironic hipster moustache, the other a heavily tattooed woman—giggling, laughing and looking up at the sky with a glazed over, half-there look. They are speaking backwards and will inevitably get the munchies and argue about Pink Floyd albums.

Watch "Crazy Clown Time" now and let us know what you think in the comments.