April 30, 2012


DJ Khaled Does Interview Standing by His Burning Tour Bus

The above video is the best rap interview video I've ever seen. Over the weekend, DJ Khaled's tour bus sadly exploded in flames before a Florida concert. Nobody was injured, but Khaled lost his beloved tour bus.

In the above interview, Khaled expounds on his loss while standing in front of the burning bus: "I just lost all my jewelry, all my clothes and a lot of other valuables. I just lost my entire bus that just blew the f**k up. We out here promoting [upcoming album] Kiss the Ring!"

While you're watching this video, think about these three amazing DJ Khaled facts: his birth name is Khaled Khaled, he's likely one of the most famous living people of Palestinian descent and he loves gummy vitamins. This video is more amazing than all three of those facts combined. When you're done watching, let us know in the comments: Is this the most ridiculous thing you've seen today?