April 2, 2012


Dr. Dre Spits On Kendrick Lamar's New Track

Black Hippy member Kendrick Lamar unleashed the first official single from his upcoming major label debut Monday morning. "The Recipe" boasts verses from fellow Compton-born rapper Dr. Dre, which is a big get for a guy whose last album was released only on iTunes.

Dre became interested in working with Lamar after hearing the MC’s sociopolitical mixtape track “Ignorance Is Bliss.” The lyrics on this song—dealing with ganja and gals—might not be as thought-provoking as previous Lamar joints, but musically, there’s nothing here to complain about. Produced by Scoop DeVille (not Dre, surprisingly) this song has a pleasantly haunting sample and a slow-grinding beat evoking substance-induced heavy eyelids. 

I’m stoked for Lamar’s major label debut, Good Kid In a Mad City, which comes out later this year. How ’bout you? You diggin' Lamar's new track?