April 9, 2012


Watch: Electro Rocker Ladyhawke Is Kidnapped In New Video

Ladyhawke isn't just a 1985 fantasy movie starring a medieval gal (Michelle Pfeiffer!) that transforms into a hawk. Nope. It's also the nom de tune of Phillipa Margaret "Pip" Brown, a 32-year-old Wellington-bred, London-based electro rocker. She's pretty interesting; she had a successful college band called Two Lane Blacktop, and later moved to Sydney where she played in a band called Teenager with the guy that would later form Empire of the Sun. She also lives with Asperger syndrome, a mild form of autism that she credits for her fierce obsession with music at a young age.

So, she dropped her self-titled debut album in 2008. I dug the slick dance-rock of singles "Paris Is Burning" and "My Delirium," and saw a handful of her live shows and they were great. Four years later (why'd ya make us wait all that time?) we get her second album, Anxiety, which drops on May 29 via Modular/Casablanca. On Monday we got the new video for the second single, "Sunday Drive," another catchy-as-hell bubble-gum electro jam of yearning love.

It's a pretty cool video, albeit fuzzy on the plot line; Ladyhawke is tied up and thrown in the trunk of a muscle car by a nefarious doppleganger. She fusses and fights in the trunk, and manages to get loose to rock out, natch. Watch that video above, then watch the videos for "Paris Is Burning" and  "My Delirium" below. After all that, let me know what you think of Ladyhawke in the comments below.