April 2, 2012


Free Music: Liars, De La Soul, Childish Gambino & More

Jim Dyson
Jim Dyson

Liars: "No. 1 Against the Rush"
This is the first track from WIXIW, the upcoming album from Brooklyn's thunderous art-rock band. It has a slightly poppy electronic sheen—along the lines of early Human League or Suicide—not usually present in their sound. Still, a more melodic direction from these guys hardly brings them into iTunes commercial territory, so experimental music purists need not fret. [Soundcloud]

De La Soul: “We Made It”
You should probably listen to this new track from the D.A.I.S.Y. Age rappers right now. If you're sad, this is your cure. If you're already happy, well, you still aren't as enraptured as you will be if you press play on this whirl of soul, hip hop and funk. 

Lil B: #1 Bitch
Social networking maestro Lil B has a new mixtape. Listen to it while reading our interview with him about his upcoming lecture at NYU. No, really. He's speaking at NYU. [The Fader]

Childish Gambino: “Eat Your Vegetables”
Danny Glover’s son Donald (Troy on Community) avoids beef, urging you to “Eat Your Vegetables” on his latest track. [CoS]

Suckers: “Chinese Braille”
Suckers indulge in a little bit of Americana—with whistling,’ horns and soulful organ playin’—on this enticing track that sounds a touch like fellow indie rockers Born Ruffians. [Pitchfork]