April 17, 2012


Freestyling In a Philly Pizza Place: A Night With Moosh & Twist

"I'd rather have 100,000 fans who would die for us than a million fans who are so-so about us."

That's what 19-year-old rapper Twist told Fuse when we spoke with the Philadelphia hip hop duo OCD. He and his partner Moosh—whose Journey-sampling "City Kids" video has more than 1 million views on YouTube—are certainly doing their part to foster an involved fan base.

When Fuse followed the Philly rap duo around their hometown turf one night, Moosh and Twist were headed to get some pizza with a group of fans too young to get into that night's concert.

"A couple people couldn't get into the show due to age restrictions so we said, 'Yo, come and get something to eat with us,'" Twist explained as he, Moosh and a posse of fans ambled down the streets of Philly. "We can't pay for it, but you can eat with us, you know?"

"I might love an artist's music but then I might meet them and think, 'Whoa, they're not really a cool person I want to chill with,'" says Twist. "But I like to think that when people meet us—Team OCD—they get to know us as people so then they're like, 'Okay, I like the music this much more.'"

Inside the pizza joint, Moosh threw down a sick freestyle with barely any warning. He later touched on why he thinks Philly rappers work harder than MCs from other cities. "Philly dudes, I always feel like we come second to New York cats. So we have this edge about us and this hunger," Moosh explains.

Speaking of hunger, OCD already has their sights on the top. "We're 19 now; definitely by the time we're 23, we wanna win a Grammy," Twist says. "I don't know if it'll happen or not. That's a really high bar, but personally I think we're at 5 percent of where we'll be in our whole career."

Still, they're hardly industry-obsessed. "If we can be relevant for 15 years, that's perfect," Twist says. "We just want to focus on perfecting OCD, man," Moosh adds. "Making the best damn music OCD can make, and pretty much the best stuff is when we're in the studio cracking jokes.

"It's gonna be a hot summer," Moosh promises. "Prepare." Watch the full video above and check out "City Kids" below.

OCD: Moosh & Twist - "City Kids"