April 4, 2012


5 Most Ridiculous Quotes From Rolling Stone's Gene Simmons Profile

Amanda Edwards
Amanda Edwards

Having already taken on all living musicians over the past 40 years, KISS guitarist, full-time salesman and walking quote-whore Gene Simmons slammed Kurt Cobain's ghost and rappers that don't exist in his latest interview with Rolling Stone. By complete coincidence, he just so happened to be opening the El Segundo branch of his restaurant Rock & Brews. But of course, he had time to bloviate on a wide range of subjects. Our Top 5 moments:

1. He has Beef With Kurt Cobain's Ghost: Because there's nothing classier than berating a corpse, Simmons had this to say about Cobain: "I say this respectfully to him–'fuck off'." 

2. He Does Not Approve of Imaginary Rappers: Despite not being in the Hall of Fame himself, Simmons is not exactly supportive of his rap-loving peers. "It's a sham to have Grandmaster Flash and Disco Bob and MC Criminal in there." Oh s**t! You did NOT just call out fake musicians! Follow-up: How will the real Disco Bob react?! I wonder if Gene Simmons is a fan of this rapper.

3. He Hates Disco: When asked about disco's inclusion in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Simmons said, "What an insult to the memory of Little Richard and Chuck Berry to have disco artists who don't write their own songs and play their own instruments." Actually, Gene, many disco musicians played their own music and your own producer Desmond Child said of "I Was Made For Lovin' You": "[KISS singer] Paul [Stanley] wanted to write a good disco song and I decided to help him with that." Disco snap!

4. He Talks Like The Simpsons' Mayor Quimby: Addressing the crowd, Simmons said, "El Segundo may mean 'the second city' in Spanish, but today it's the first city!," before stating, "Shame on you" to those woeful, unpatriotic immigrants who dare tread on Simmons' love of America.

5. He Does Not Like "Cool" Things: Apparently, in addition to unemployment being economically crippling and mentally debilitating, it's also just not that cool. "The brews are local from El Segundo and Van Nuys," Simmons said. "We create jobs. This is anti-cool. Cool can go f**k itself."