April 3, 2012


Gene Simmons Just Endorsed Mitt Romney

Noel Vasquez
Noel Vasquez

In addition to being a kick-ass, face-paint rocking, tongue-flitting rock star, Gene Simmons prides himself on being a smart businessman, having turned his band KISS into a merchandising powerhouse. Now he's taking his business sense to politics to endorse Mitt Romney in this year's presidential election. 

Simmons, who voted for Obama in 2008 but later said that he wanted his vote back ("I fell victim to the charm [of Barack Obama]," he said), appeared on Fox News Tuesday morning to promote his restaurant chain, Rock & Brews, and then started in on the politics. 

"The reason sometimes Republicans get in—including the Senate, House and presidency—is because Americans, smartly, and I applaud them for doing so, vote on the issues and not the party. I’m an American. I want both parties to appeal to me, and then I’ll make my educated decision. Sometimes you’re right, sometimes I’m wrong.”

Simmons continued, “America should be in business and it should be run by a businessman. That’s my philosophy. America is a business. If you can’t afford to do something, no matter how much bellyaching everybody does—I’m so sorry, if you can’t afford it, you shouldn’t do it."

Simmons' endorsement of Romney means that he supports reducing spending, taxes, regulation, and government programs and services.

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