April 22, 2012


Grace Potter Talks "The Lion The Beast The Beat" and "Tribal Wolf Children"

Grace Potter stopped by the Fuse house at Coachella to dip her feet in our hot tub and talk about her upcoming new album The Lion The Beast The Beat. Why those words? "Those are words that ring true in our band and my life," said the singer. "I see the good and the bad in a lot of things and I love that dichotomy. There's a very interesting balance that every human has to find within themselves as to how you're going to react to those wild impulses. I wanted an album that goes all the way there."

Potter also discussed how her set will change now that she's opening for Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw on their upcoming tour and the bizarre concept for her new video "Never Go Back." "Let's just say it involves a marble castle and wild, tribal wolf children," said the singer. "[When you're a kid], there's that terrifying urge to run away and I wanted the video to explore why, as we grow up, that urge goes away or we fight it back. The video's all about breaking down those barriers and finding yourself through escaping the walls that you build around yourself."

Check out the full video above.