April 17, 2012


Jack White's Song Sold For $4,238.88 on eBay: Listen For Free

Ian Gavan
Ian Gavan

UPDATE: Bidding is over! This vinyl flexi-disc went for $4,238.88 after bidding started at 150 dollars 10 days ago. Listen below.

Remember when Jack White attached 1,000 vinyl singles to helium balloons and released them into the Nashville winds? And then we told you how one of them popped up on eBay with an exorbitant $2,500 price tag? Well, the current bid for White's limited edition flexi-disc single is now up to an astonishing $4,000. That's about $22 per second of music, btw.

With less than a day left to go before bidding closes on "Freedom at 21," a vinyl rip of the Blunderbuss track just appeared online. So instead of shelling out more than $4,000 to satiate your bluesy garage rock needs, you can just click 'play' on the track below. Thanks, Internet!

What do you think of the song? (Presumably the vinyl hiss is not going to be part of the album version.) Will this online release temper the eBay bidding war or was this always just about scooping up a collectible item?