April 30, 2012


Hear Marilyn Manson's Entire New Album!

Agata Alexander
Agata Alexander

Attention Marilyn Manson fans: It has arrived! The Goth Prince's eighth studio album, Born Villain, is streaming online right now a day before its official release. Listen over at Noise Creep.

It's Manson most vicious and heavy album in years, and it also flaunts an all-new blues-tinged, rhythmic sound, which is thanks to Manson playing more guitar than ever: “It was a necessity for creative purposes," he tells Fuse. "I became determined to be better at playing guitar. This record has a different rhythm to it because I sang and played guitar at the same time, so I paced my voice. I've never understood that because I've never been a singer-songwriter. But there’s a blues sensibility.” 

Lyrically, Manson turns inward, touching on his growth as an artist and person in the past few years. "It was a growing up phase making this record," he admits. "When I typed all [the lyrics] out, I noticed that that theme rang through the whole thing."

But, like all Manson albums, this one's for the ladies, too: “Girls will either need to bring panties or tissues when they listen to it," he says with a smirk. "They’re gonna get wet someway.”