April 16, 2012


Hoppus Swappus #3: Get Your Hands on Mark Hoppus' Disco Ball

We're entering our third round of Hoppus Swappus today. In case you're new to the party, here's what's going on:

Mark Hoppus is getting a new office here at Fuse and he wants to renovate with a swap!  He’ll give you an item from his old office in return for something of yours. The first 50 responses with links to a photo or video of your stuff will be considered by the Hoppus team, and the best one will be chosen for the swap. Mark will offer up a different item each Monday until he runs out of stuff he’s willing to part with. TIP: Don't forget to make the photo public if you're sharing via Facebook.

This time Mark is is trying to unload an electric disco ball guaranteed to add some flare to even the lamest of gatherings.

Want some insight into Mark's taste? Last week's Hoppus Swappus #2 winner, Dakota Tanner Gilliland stole Mark's heart with his painting of a zombie John Wayne vs. robot. Grace Low won Hoppus Swappus #1 with a fun stationary set. We know there's more great sh*t out there just waiting to be swapped, so post yours in the comments now!

UPDATE: This week's winner is Elisa Leon's amazing illustration of Hoppus and a unicorn.

Elisa Leon
Elisa Leon