April 30, 2012


Hoppus Swappus #4: This Drawing of Mark Hoppus on a Unicorn Should Be Yours

Ladies and gents, we've got a new Hoppus Swappus coming your way. In this fourth installment Mark's looking to trade a caricature of himself riding a unicorn. It was drawn in Times Square and used as a prop on Hoppus on Music, so it's basically a piece of real show biz memorabilia!

So far Mark's traded for a bathroom themed stationary set, a painting of a zombie John Wayne vs. a robot, and an amazing (and different) illustration of Hoppus and a unicorn, but his new office is still lacking. So find something cool you want to trade and post a photo or video of it in the comments below. The Hoppus team will look at the first 50 responses and pick the best one. Then a part of you will become a permanent fixture in Mark Hoppus' office. Bad. Ass.

UPDATE: The lucky winner of this fabulous piece of art is Ken Bousquet who traded in his secret message fan (below).

Ken Bousquet
Ken Bousquet