April 3, 2012


Insane Megaupload Founder Kim Dotcom Recording an Album

Sandra Mu
Sandra Mu

Kim Dotcom, the founder of Megaupload, is out of jail following his January arrest in New Zealand for copyright infringement, and now, according to Mashable, he's recording an album.

No details on the release have been announced just yet, so, please, let your imagination run wild. It shouldn't be hard considering that Dotcom, perhaps The Most Interesting Man In the World, loves bubble baths, shotguns and giraffes. 

After more than a month in jail, Dotcom was granted bail on February 21 under a few strict conditions: that he remain within 80 kilometers of his estate outside Auckland, New Zealand, and that he not use the Internet. A judge has since allowed Dotcom to return to the web, meet with his Megaupload co-defendants and ... go swimming once per day. Also, he's now allowed to travel twice a week to Auckland to finish his album. Torrent Freak claims that Dotcom's LP is “a collaboration with several international artists.” Who that is, exactly, remains unclear.

When local police and FBI agents raided his massive, plush estate back in January, Dotcom—who made at least $42 million a year with Megaupload—was found in hiding in his panic room with a loaded shotgun, three passports (all under different names), 25 credit cards, a bulletproof wristwatch and an actual-size statue of the creature from the movie Predator.

Hopefully he'll sing about all that on his album.