April 13, 2012


Paul & Storm on the "Unhinged, Consumerist" Genius of Kanye West

Fuse's Dan Brown caught up with Paul & Storm, the self-described "music comedy duo with a geeky bend," at the gaming culture festival PAX East in early April. We learned exactly how the Internet meme meisters behind #kanyenewyorkertweeets—which paired Kanye West's daily tweets with famously strange New Yorker cartoons—came up with it.

Paul says it was something that just popped into his head and he never expected it to reach Internet ubiquity. "As with most things, the hashtags and things you think are going to be awesome die a quick and painful death, and something you throw out there without barely thinking is what catches on," he says.

Still, he understands why it caught on, telling Fuse that "the pure id" of Kanye West is the perfect counterpoint for The New Yorker's upper crust wit. "New Yorker cartoons are so famously dry and subtle and Kanye West is this unhinged, no filter consumerist. [He's] everything that's stereotypical and wonderful about America."

Comedy co-creator Storm explains why this is the duo's third PAX East. "It's nice that they have a no jerk policy, everyone is friendly and open… it becomes like summer camp. You see MC Frontalot hanging out with Jonathan Coulton, the Protomen, it becomes a really fun place to hang out."

Paul elaborates a bit further on why they come to PAX every year. "Love and money. Pretty much number one and two."

For the full interview, watch the video above.