April 13, 2012


eBay Bidding On Jack White's Balloon Single Now Over $2,500

Remember when Jack White unleashed 1,000 helium balloons upon Nashville, each one carrying a flexi-disc single from his upcoming solo debut Blunderbuss? Of course you do, who could forget? Earlier this week, a handful of lucky people found some and one person did what any self-respecting American would do: Sell them for an exorbitant amount on eBay. 

Although bidding began at a paltry $150, just two days later the highest bid on one of these vinyl discs—a song that will appear on White's April 24 album anyway—has surpassed $2,500. Yep, someone is going to shell out more than two grand just to listen to a three-minute song on a piece of clear vinyl. It's either an insane world or a damn good song.

I can't help but compare this development to White's explanation for releasing a song via helium balloon in the first place. "[It's] a way to get records in the hands of people who don't visit record shops," White explained in a statement. So... White was targeting people who never visit a record store, but nevertheless are able to play flexi-disc vinyl records at home. You know, all those folks with functioning record players who refuse to step into record stores. 

Furthermore, now that one of these singles is going for more than $2,500, that means this experiment has successfully gotten music into the hands of people who, 1) Never go to record stores, 2) Can play flexi-disc vinyl at home, and 3) Are willing/able to cough up thousands of dollars to listen to one song. Finally, that underserved market is being satisfied.

Check back here Tuesday afternoon for an update on how much the "Freedom at 21" flexi-disc actually sold for. How much do you think it'll go for when the bidding closes on eBay? I'm guessing three or four thousand. Tell us your guess below.