April 3, 2012


Kanye West Thinks Big Sean Will Be The Greatest Rapper of All Time

Johnny Nunez
Johnny Nunez

Arguing over who's the greatest rapper of all time is a fun way to pass the time with your friends who like rap, and it's always interesting to hear which MC different rappers think is the greatest rapper ever. It was extremely interesting to hear who Kanye West, a superb MC in his own right, thinks will be the greatest rapper ever: Big Sean.

Yeah, Big Sean. You know, "ass ass ass ass."

Big Sean revealed that Kanye, his mentor, thinks he's gonna be the greatest rapper of all time to MTV while playing an mtvU Spring Break outing. He said, about the time Kanye told him what he thought, "I'm here kickin' with 'Ye," Sean said, "and 'Ye tellin' me I'm gonna be the best rapper of all time."

Honestly, I like Big Sean's album. It had a couple hot songs on it. But I can think of about 700 rappers I think are more likely to be the greatest of all time. Starting with Lil Scrappy. I can't imagine what Kanye was thinking, unless he sensed that Big Sean was down on himself and Kanye wanted to gas him up.

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