April 4, 2012


Katy Perry Tweets "California Gurls" Bollywood Remix


Katy Perry performed in India for the first time Tuesday (April 3) and, according to her Twitter, she's making her trip there extra special by pandering to Indians with some prominent Indian stereotypes. Like yesterday, she tweeted the following:

Almost fell asleep in my curry last night, no joke. Woke up feeling SO much better after a fresh meditate...feels appropriate being in INDIA
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Fell asleep in her curry? Meditating? "Feels appropriate being in INDIA"? 

She also tweeted a Bollywood remix to her smash "California Gurls," which actually sounds great. She wrote, "In honor of my visit to INDIA, here's a FREE, SPICED up version of CALIFORNIA GURLS *BOLLYWOOD MEETS HOLLYWOOD*." Get it? Spiced up?!?

Anyway, the video is good too. Watch it below!

Katy Perry vs. Jack O.A.T. - Bolly Gurls (remix)

So do you think Perry is drinking a mango lassi with a side of chutney while buying gold for her wedding and engaging in a dispute with a Pakistani man? Let us know in the comments below!