April 25, 2012


Kendrick Lamar Talks Tupac Hologram, Inspiring Compton Kids

Fuse's Esteban Serrano spoke with Kendrick Lamar during his second weekend at Coachella, and the Compton rapper talked about the insane Indio desert heat and his take on the Tupac hologram, which was conceived by his recent collaborator and supporter Dr. Dre.

"[The Tupac hologram] was an idea I knew Dre was throwing in the air a couple weeks back but I didn't know it was gonna be that serious. But I should have expected it," Lamar tells Fuse. "The dude is a perfectionist and he's always taking the game to the next level, and that, my friend, is the next motherf--king level.

"I was in amazement like everybody else," says Lamar. "After my set, I jumped into the crowd and went all the way back and just watched the show, because that was my first timing getting to see Dre, Snoop, Warren G and Kurupt perform. I didn't get to go to the Up in Smoke Tour when I was a kid. I wanted to enjoy the festivities like everyone else."

Lamar also spoke on what it's like to come from Compton poverty and make a name for himself as a signed artist to Aftermath/Interscope. "It's not even about me at this point, it's about people on from the outside looking-in," says Lamar. "They can see that I'm the same county building, welfare, food stamp kid that you grew up with around the corner doing something with himself and proving that you can do it, too, at the end of the day. 

"A lot of my homies are like, 'Damn, you really went out there and are making it possible for my little seed in the hood.' The sky's the limit for them as well: I got a torch to carry."

Check out the video above for the full interview, including a bit toward the end where Lamar talks about a Black Hippy album, which he says will "definitely" drop at some point.