April 24, 2012


Linkin Park and Incubus Discuss Touring With Each Other

With Linkin Park and Incubus about to hit the road for the dual headlining Honda Civic tour, Fuse sat down with frontmen Chester Bennington and Brandon Boyd to find out why it's taken the two California bands so long to gig together. "It seems strange that our bands haven't toured together," Boyd admits. "So it's like, 'Eh, it's time, let's do this!'"

"It's about bringing two established acts—who have headlined their own tours—together under one roof," says Bennington. "And to bring our full headlining set and the full experience of each band to our fans."

Boyd also touched on Incubus' touring hiatus. "We very deliberately spent a couple of years off the road and decided to unpack and find out what it was like to use one toilet each for an extended period of time," says Boyd. "And it was glorious." "It is addictive," laughs Bennington.

Linkin Park has been busy on the humanitarian front as well. Music for Relief, their charity that raises awareness for the 1.3 billion people who live without electricity, recently collaborated with the United Nations for Power the World, a pledge to help more people gain access to sustainable energy. Good dudes.

For the full interview, check out the video above.