April 30, 2012


LISTEN: Eddie Vedder Drops New Song to Support Pregnancy Group

Eddie Vedder—what a kind and caring dude!

The Pearl Jam frontman has released a new song called "Skipping" to benefit Every Mother Counts, an advocacy and mobilization campaign that fights maternal mortality during pregnancy. Listen to the track above!

The song joins contributions from artists like David Bowie, U2, Sting, Coldplay, the Dave Matthews Band and others on Every Mother Counts, a benefit comp that will be sold exclusive at Starbucks from May 1 to May 29 in honor of Mother's Day. The track, appropriately, opens with the sounds of a baby laughing. It's a gentle acoustic ballad with EdVed cooing about "cherishing the time that we spend, skipping throughout the land." It's a touching song, whatever it's about (hey, he's not exactly known for his direct lyrics).

What do you think of "Skipping"? Tell me in the comments below.