April 10, 2012


Madonna's "MDNA" Suffers Biggest Percentage Sales Slide in Chart History

Win McNamee
Win McNamee

Did you think Madonna's huge first week sales of MDNA meant the album would be a huge success overall? If you did, you were wrong! According to Forbes, MDNA's sales slid 88%, from 359,000 to 46,000 in the second week, to mark the largest percentage sales drop in chart history.

The secret behind her massive first week sales was that albums were included in the sales of concert tickets, and Madonna is a very big touring act.

MDNA has also failed to produce a hit single with any staying power, so it looks like it'll get even harder to sell copies of MDNA in the future.

Luckily for Madonna, she's already rich as heck, and artists generally receive surprisingly small percentages of album sales anyway, so we doubt she's personally losing any sleep over it. Deadmau5 must be smiling on the inside.

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