April 11, 2012


Municipal Waste On Their "Astronaut-Friendly" Metal Album

Fuse recently sat down with Virginia thrash metal band Municipal Waste to talk about their pop-up book-inspired release of their new album The Fatal Feast: Waste In Space.

"We're calling it a best of but it's all new songs," says lead guitarist Ryan Waste. "There's a limited release that's a pop-up book, so you open up the gatefold and it pops up at you."

You can take a gander at the awesome deluxe vinyl edition of The Fatal Feast at the 1:31 mark. Not only is the pop-up book version perfect for kids, the whole set is also perfect for those residing in outer space. "It comes in a space pack that's astronaut friendly with a Frisbee-like flying saucer," Waste explains. "We're matured. We're like a fine cheese."

For the full interview with this excellent crossover thrash outfit, click the video above. And head over to Municipal Waste's site to get their new record.