April 27, 2012


Nas Balances Good Life and Street Life in "The Don" Video

The Nas promotional machine has gone from trickle to blast in recent weeks, with the rapper recently announcing a release date for his upcoming albumLife is Good and releasing the track "Daughters" online (a song at least one person is not happy to hear). Now, we've got "The Don," the official first video from Nas' tenth album.

"Visualized" (dude, it's okay to say "directed," we won't judge) by Aristotle and produced by Da Internz, Salaam Remi and deceased rapper/producerHeavy D, "The Don" shows Nas engaging in standard hip hop luxury tropes (albeit with atypical golf-worthy plaid pants), rapping in a ring of fire and enjoying omelettes in pink suits on roof decks.

The dichotomy between Nas the Mogul and Nas the Street Poet is on full display, as images of the rapper reading the business section of New York Times are juxtaposed with Nas surrounded by his crew in street gear. And just for the record, a Nas video is the only time in which sparklers at a club (signifying you just wasted a buttload of money) are even remotely acceptable.

Watch the video on VEVO.