April 11, 2012


Nerdiest Bands in the World Unite at Gaming Convention

If you like video games, and you like music, and you think you'd like to hear video game music even when you're not playing video games, well, we have the thing for you! Fuse went to the PAX East video game convention in Boston and spoke to some of the nerdiest (and I mean that affectionately) people who've ever laid hands on instruments.

Metroid Metal plays exactly what you think they'd play: metal covers of songs from the Metroid video game series. MC Frontalot makes "nerdcore hip hop, which is like regular hip hop except you don't have to be cool." Minibosses "play old Nintendo music in a band." But the best concept of all may be Supercommuter's: "We write 100% of our music while driving. We've been doing it for about seven years now. No accidents!" Watch the video above and let us know what you think of these amazing bands below!